8 Effective secretstradingbitcoin com Elevator Pitches


This prevents, um. This prevents you will get filled instantaneously, uh, and also that you will be precisely the feast. And that really makes certain that you will get the commission of this limitation arrangement. So next step, basically, um, I mean, next, uh, what we need to look is here. People are your positions right here. Uh, uh, open places, shut PNL, orders that are active.

U M, exactly what, uh, is actually, if you set a limit arrangement. Uh, your active arrangement will show up here, and then when it gets full of it will reveal at these positions. Present prices. I don't care about it as that is merely like, uh, what, uh, orders obtained filled. So I only drag down this because it's not so useful.

Um. Additionally, assets overview. It is down . If you wish to understand simply how far, uh, uh, Bit coin or even ether or anything coin you have on your pocket, everything you can just go Herein assets and watch, uh, what you have on your pocket. It really is pretty damn straightforward. Uh, also what I needed to show is if you go to resources and simply go to closed P.

And,L , that means closure. Revenue and loss. As you can see, I traded a bit. Uh, and because you can find, I only built the one missing a trait. Out of the 10 faculties which I made a, as you may view, this particular one, uh, all of those nine transactions had been lucrative and I made Denmark's from only trading. I think that I had been celebrity commenced training.

That I dunwith. As you can see, 22 bucks, but because you can find, I already made 50% of my own initial deposit to the exchange, and that is I think, really excellent. Because you may see, if you proceed here 30 afternoon or whatever, I am just real fast and it went upward so. Um, this can be very excellent. Uh, in case you would like to basically draw, you may just visit resources and just click withdraw and withdraw your own money.

There's also withdraw charge, which I do believe that it's, um, our own 0.0, no five BTC, I think. Uh, and therefore you want to bear this in your mind. It's perhaps not too substantial. Of course if you would like actually to learn just how I made, uh, so much, uh, worthwhile traders. In the event you would like to know my strategy, you may actually check out my tutorial, uh, where I showed you all personally, uh, just search on my YouTube station, uh, the best, I believe it's named the best trading index.

Uh, also once I show what indicators I use, the way I put my graph, uh, and all of this. This is just about it for this particular video, guys. Thank you guys for watching and see that you soon. Bye-bye.